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Scholarship Opportunities

Hodges University understands the importance that a scholarship program can play in financing an education. It is the goal of the Hodges University Scholarship Program to supplement the resources of our students to the greatest extent possible to enable them to begin or continue university studies.

The university scholarship committee reviews applicants on a regular basis to provide resources to students each term. Students may review our scholarships online for more information and to apply. Should you have additional questions you may email them to scholarships@hodges.edu.

The annual scholarship calendar (located in the Student Handbook, Catalog, and Graduate Bulletin) details the application deadlines on a term-by-term basis. Scholarship information is listed below by student categories:

  • Veterans
  • Students (non-veterans)
  • Outside Scholarship Resources

Veteran Students are assisted and advised by the Director of Veterans Services. The purpose of the Veteran Scholarships is to provide financial support to military veterans pursuing a college degree to achieve career goals. 

The veteran scholarships are available through generous donations of donors and foundations who wish to assist veteran students to reach their academic goals by offering financial assistance.

  • The American Military Veteran Education Fund (AMVEF) Grant
    • John and Joanne Fisher III AMVEF Now
    • Joseph Donohue AMVEF Now
  • The SAVE Fund (established in 2011-12) is made available through the efforts of the AMVEF Cabinet

  • Private Endowed Veteran Scholarships
    • Earl and Thelma Hodges Veteran Scholarship
    • John and Joanne Fisher III Veteran Scholarship
    • Schoen Family Veteran Scholarship
  • Private Veteran Scholarships
    • Bob Janes Memorial Veterans Scholarship

The Veterans General Application form is available from the Director of the Veterans Service Center, or downloaded online to be submitted electronically, in person, or mailed to the attention of Lee Smith, Director of Veterans Services /2655 Northbrooke Drive, Naples, FL 34119.

Students (non-veterans)

PRIVATE SCHOLARSHIPS -- Students at the current tuition rate are eligible to apply for the HU Private Scholarships if they meet the general guidelines set by the HU Scholarship Committee. The Private Scholarships Undergraduate General Application and Resubmittal Form includes the guidelines. The scholarships listed below are available through the generous donations of private donors and foundations who wish to assist students to reach their academic goals by offering financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded each trimester.

  • PRIVATE SCHOLARSHIPS supported by annual gifts
    • Lavern N. Gaynor Scholarship
    • The Dellora and Lester Norris Educational Support Scholarship
    • The Richard and Florence Nogaj Scholarship 
  • Friends of the University Scholarships
    • Jerry L. & Barbara J. Burris Foundation Scholarship
    • The Michael and Susan London Scholarship (available to Master’s and Undergraduate students)
    • The Moorings Park Foundation Scholarship
    • Jerry and Arlene Nichols Scholarship
    • Terry and Christine Flynn Scholarship
    • Dolph and Sharon von Arx Scholarship
    • Dr. William and Nancy Lascheid Scholarship
    • The Francis and Sam Bailey Luminary Scholarship
    • T. Wayne and Mavis Miller Luminary Scholarship
    • The Quest Educational Foundation Scholarship

  • INSTITUTIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS supported by Hodges University
    • The Neno J. Spagna Scholarship
    • Upper Division Scholarship (application form)
    • Local High School Graduate Scholarship (form available from Admissions Coordinator, first term only)
    • Local Employers Scholarship (form available from Admissions Coordinator, first term only)
    • Graduate Program Scholarship (available only to graduates of Hodges University seeking a Master’s degree)
  • Special Institutional Scholarships (awarded by Hodges University through coordination with outside organizations, no application process available)
    • The Chance Scholarship
    • The Boys and Girls Club of Naples Scholarship
    • The Esperanza Scholarship
    • Other scholarships as provided by Hodges University
Outside Scholarship Resources

Students are encouraged to pursue scholarship resources outside of Hodges University. Although there are many leads for scholarships on the internet, students may speak with the Scholarship Chairman for advice on online resources. Materials for local outside resources are typically sent to the University, and they are posted at the Financial Aid offices for consideration. Links to outside scholarship resources may be found in the MONEY MATTERS newsletter. Scholarships: Apply to receive!

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