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The principal objective of the Criminal Justice Program is to deliver a comprehensive program of teaching and research to support the criminal justice system and the agencies and personnel who are delegated the task of public safety and service. The goal of the program is to ensure that potential and current criminal justice personnel have the opportunity to study the most comprehensive and contemporary methods and policies dealing with administration, management, human resources, intelligence, terrorism, and cultural diversity. The program is designed to prepare students with no prior related work experience for entry level positions within the criminal justice system as well as similar positions in the private sector. For criminal justice personnel, both sworn and civilian, the program prepares them for middle and senior management positions, building upon previous experience and training. The program is developed around a core curriculum of required courses within the range of subjects applicable to criminal justice. In addition, each student is required to complete a series of liberal arts courses to assure the broadest based educational experience and to support the general education goals of the University. Further, the student will have the opportunity to select from an approved list of elective courses to develop an area of interest. See the Undergraduate Catalog for detailed degree requirements.

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The Associate in Science in Criminal Justice Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions within the criminal justice system. The curriculum focuses on the critical areas within the discipline, as well as relevant liberal arts courses, to provide students with the skills necessary to function within the profession. The core criminal justice courses of the curriculum are offered in an accelerated format which requires extensive outside study as preparation to comprehensive in-class development of materials. All credits earned from this degree are acceptable and apply towards the Hodges University Baccalaureate Degree in Criminal Justice. See the Undergraduate Catalog for detailed degree requirements.
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Hodges University’s Criminal Justice Program emphasizes specialty areas of concentration to prepare individuals for service in unique and innovative areas within the criminal justice system. Such specialty areas include behavioral sciences, forensics, terrorism, and intelligence. The curriculum is structured to provide a logical sequence of courses in either behavioral sciences or intelligence and terrorism for students to progress from the associate level to the bachelor’s level.
The professors in the Criminal Justice Program possess the appropriate academic preparation as well as the practical experience in the real world application of their craft. The program draws upon the expertise of law enforcement officers, judges, probation and parole officers, corrections personnel and practicing attorneys. The learning environment of the class is further enhanced by the interaction of the various criminal justice students already working in the field. This blend of practical experience from both the professors and the students provides a real value to the graduates of this program.
As society changes, so too, will our criminal justice system. Hodges University is committed to ensuring that its Criminal Justice Program remains contemporary so that graduates of the program will be prepared to serve the communities in which they serve.

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Bachelor of Science in Management

The Management Program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded background in the management discipline and is delivered in a fast-paced environment.

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