The Link Between Higher Education and Workforce

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Written By: Dr. John Meyer, President, Hodges University

With six degrees of separation, you can make unlikely connections. The link between higher education and workforce is direct.

At Hodges University, we understand the link between education and professional skills attainment and have designed our degrees and certifications specifically to fill the workforce needs of our region.

More education leads directly to careers that typically pay higher wages. Hodges University is at the forefront of workforce-driven education by offering certifications and degrees that directly address our region’s needs, from business, technology, mental health, and management to healthcare.

We know that a thriving community needs a diversified workforce of professionals. Hodges University will continue to provide the education and training needed for our professionals.

Dr. John Meyer is the president of Hodges University, and one of the original authors of the Workforce Now study. To see the complete Workforce Now study, visit

To see the complete article, visit Life in Naples Magazine May/June/July 2019

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Hodges University, a regionally accredited, private nonprofit institution founded in 1990, prepares students to leverage higher learning in their personal, professional, and civic endeavors. With over 10,000 graduates having a 93 percent rate of continued success in careers, Hodges is recognized for developing programs that are uniquely designed and delivered to serve a diverse adult learner population. With campuses in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, Hodges provides flexible day, evening, and online classes taught by world-class faculty for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Hodges is also designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution, and is a member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). More information about Hodges University is available at

Dr. John Meyer, President of Hodges University speaks about workforce skills development through Hodges Connect
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