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Learn Why Hodges University Is A Distinctive University in Southwest Florida

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Meet Dr. Meyer and Hodges University

As not only an alumnus of Hodges University but also its president, I feel I am uniquely qualified to welcome you to this wonderful institution. We are a regionally accredited, private, nonprofit institution, originally founded in 1990 and proudly serving Southwest Florida ever since. Our university has expanded to meet the needs of our community – the world around us – with campuses in both Fort Myers and Naples, Florida, and educational outreach including not only traditional on-campus instruction but also online courses and programs.

Our mission is to prepare students to leverage higher learning in their personal, professional, and civic endeavors.

Hodges University’s Incomparable Environment

Hodges University provides a learning environment unlike any other institution in the region by offering:

  • certificate, associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs;
  • flexible schedules of day, evening, blended, and online classes;
  • courses taught by professors who are current or former practitioners in their respective fields; and
  • programming designed to help students leverage what they have learned at work.

In addition, many of our programs help our students attain professional credentials in areas such as nursing, public accounting, and mental health counseling. Others lead to industry certification. Military veterans, active duty service members, and their families can obtain assistance with their educational goals through our Dr. Peter Thomas Veterans Services Center.

Hodges University also offers an outstanding and comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program that offers English language immersion to non-native speakers of English who want to increase their fluency. More than 25 different countries are typically represented among our ESL student population.

Hodges University’s Involvement As A Community Resource

Finally, we are an asset integral to the Southwest Florida region, responsive as both a point of access to higher education for students and as partners in broader economic and social development. We are proud of our role in this wonderful community, and we view the resultant responsibility very seriously. Along with our ongoing commitment to helping provide skilled and well-qualified employees to the growing local workforce, we continuously seek to identify other ways our institution can serve Southwest Florida.

I invite you to explore all Hodges University has to offer and discover for yourself what sets us apart from other institutions of higher education. I believe you’ll be impressed by what this university has to offer.

Yours sincerely,

John D. Meyer, DBA

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Hodges University’s Mission, Vision, and Pillars

Mission Statement 

Hodges University—a private nonprofit institution—prepares students to leverage higher learning in their personal, professional, and civic endeavors.

Vision Statement

Hodges University will be recognized for excellence in career-focused inclusive education and community engagement.

Institutional Pillars

  • Programmatic Excellence
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Community Engagement
  • Institutional Growth
  • Institutional Objectives


Institutional Objectives

Programmatic Excellence 

  • Continuously improve Hodges’ product portfolio to meet community and employer needs.
  • For academic programs, increase the likelihood of student enrollment, retention, graduation, and employment.
  • For non-academic programs, serve community needs and the interests of participants.
  • Develop innovative programs for unmet, emerging, and future needs within our communities, for the benefit of regional employers and our students.
  • Put on hiatus or retire programs that no longer meet institutional and community stakeholder objectives.

Operational Effectiveness 

  • Attract and retain a qualified, diverse workforce and increase the positive impact of individual employees.
  • Implement process improvements that increase efficiency and that improve the quality of service to students and other stakeholders.
  • Focus efforts on the financial health of the institution.

Community Engagement

  • More effectively share the Hodges University story with students, faculty and staff, alumni, friends of the University, and our communities, and implement initiatives—often through partnerships with stakeholders—that serve our communities.
  • Develop innovative ways for students to interact with the broader community so that the Hodges University experience is broader, deeper, and more relevant.
  • Recognize the geographical opportunities and responsibilities that are present in Southwest Florida, the state of Florida, and our region.

Institutional Growth

  • Strengthen Hodges’ network of individuals and institutions to expand the institution’s sphere of influence.
  • Secure new external revenue sources (scholarships, grants, support of capital projects) to support the institution.
  • Build toward the future through effective strategic planning and implementation.
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Board of Trustees

2021 Class (Term Expires October 2021):

  • Gillian Cummings-Beck, Director of Risk Management, Taylor Morrison
  • Jerry F. Nichols, Senior Vice President, Brown & Brown Benefits

2022 Class (Term Expires October 2022):

  • Michael Prioletti, Senior Vice President, Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.
  • Gerard A. McHale, Jr., Owner/President, Gerard A. McHale, Jr., P.A
  • Tiffany Esposito, President and CEO, SWFL, Inc.

2023 Class (Term Expires October 2023):

  • Leslie H. King III, Private Management Consultant
  • Marisa Cleveland, Ed.D., Executive Director, The Seymour Agency
  • Marilyn Santiago, Partner/CMO Creative Architectural Resin Products, Inc.
  • Dianne Hamberg, Vice President & Branch Leader, BB&T now Truist


  • John Meyer, President
  • Erica Vogt, Secretary and Treasurer
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