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University Advancement

The role of the University Advancement department is to cultivate relationships with alumni, friends, and the greater community in support of the school’s mission to prepare students to leverage higher learning in their personal, professional, and civic endeavors. Those associated with Hodges University understand that this school is truly unique. It is a wonderfully diverse community full of individuals with varied interests and careers.

Here, no two pathways are a-like.

Yet, the one common ground that defines our constituency, is the hard work and the desire to accomplish great things, to forge ahead, and to create a better life for themselves, their family, and the community.

Once you are linked to Hodges University, it is a clear marker that you are a leader who embraces true grit.


With over 6,000 graduates, our growing Corporate Educational Alliances, and our B2B connections, we are committed to serving you well after graduation or as a community colleague. Your association with Hodges University matters to us, and we want to hear from you


Your experience, whether as a student or as a friend, is valuable to our growth and to our advancement efforts. Please keep us updated with what you are doing now and with ways in which you see Hodges University strengthening its role in your world… and of course, visit often!

Hodges University Advancement depicted by our Nursing Graduates featured with Thelma Hodges at their graduation reception


A Hodges University supporter understands that their gift is about keeping the end result in mind.  It is about providing the support needed, at the most critical time, to an individual, in order for them to complete their goal- a goal that is the cornerstone to making their lives and their community better. We all know that education can be life-altering and that change does not come cheap.

But, that degree or certification earned can never be taken away and that individual’s accomplishment has created a new engaged member of our community. 

It is your support, that has, and that will change the trajectory of lives.

We can’t thank each of you enough for this support but please know we will try!

Stay safe! And please stay in touch!

Angie Manley

To share your Hodges University association or to learn more about ways in which you can support a Hodges University student, please contact Angie Manley, Director of University Advancement, 239.938.7728 OR email at amanley2@hodges.edu.


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